About Us


Our Approach

Beyond Beauty Pros is made up of two skin care expert & Estheticians that love the industry they are in; Veronica Lopez & Diana Erazo. The approach:


As Estheticians & skin lovers the two women know that great skin is rarely achieved with a “one size fits all” viewpoint. They have a passion for wellness and a deep understanding of the complexity of the skin. Clients leave with a better understanding of their skin in general and educated on what will work best for their skin concerns.

Meet the Team


Veronica Lopez

Makeup Artist & Esthetician 

Veronica has been a Makeup Artist now for 8 years & now a Lic. Full Specialist. She is passionate about making her clients feel empowered not just on the outside but also on the inside. She has a keen eye for beauty and takes pride in being a professional while also being passionate about skin care & the beauty industry. Her philosophy:

"Sleep, Drink water & Love your Skin"


Diana Erazo

Permanent Makeup Artist & Esthetician

As a skin therapist, Diana's intentions are to assist in minimizing her client's skin concerns. She believes in investing in your skin, as it is going to represent you for a long time. Diana values all of her clients time therefore she aims to give excellent service every time. Her philosophy:

‘’Glowing skin is always in’

Next Steps...

What's Your Skin Type?

Do you want to prevent lines and wrinkles but still struggle with clogged pores and occasional breakouts? You might be a skin type #2.

Is your skin dry and dull-looking and in need of a glow? You might be a skin type #6.

Want to discover your true skin type? Contact us to find out.